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Siemens on horse

Recently Siemens was here on a business event. For many of them it was their first time riding a horse, but they forgot their anxiety, because they had to find and solve various difficult tasks. Especially the last assignment with Icelandic singing and riding for the ring, was not easy.

Bachelor Party

There is a lot of people who has bechelor on horseback. A little dressing up is a good idea, maybe as a cowboy. We give the brandy on the way. We can fx. end the ride with a visit in our saloon, where you can be instructed in how to dance line dance, eat food the cowboy-way or maybe you have some good ideas yourself.


  • Orientation course on horseback
  • Dressing up like a cowboy
  • Lunch in the grass
  • Provisioning in the saddle bag
  • Riding awakens "laughing"
  • A fun riding lesson.